Book Chapter Published

Dec 22'

Read our book chapter entilted "High-Performance Supercapacitors Based on One-Dimensional Polymeric Nanocomposites" published in "One-Dimensional Polymeric Nanocomposites, Synthesis to Emerging Applications" by CRC press, now available online here.

Masoud Kasraie Graduated with a Ph.D. Degree

August 22'

Masoud successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Additive Manufacturing of Funcational Polymer Composites" and started working at Volvo as a Materials and Metallurgist Engineer. Congratulations, Dr. Kasraie!

masoud grduation

Roya Successfully Defended Her Ph.D. Proposal

August 22'

Congratulations to Roya Bagheri for defending her Ph.D. proposal and getting one step closer to graduation.

Invited Speaker

August 22'

Dr. Abadi gave an online presentation at í░The 2nd International School on Fine-scale Processes: Facing with 4th Industrial Revolution Technologiesí▒ as an invited speaker. The school was organized by the 5 top Iranian Universities of Technology.

School poster

Chemistry Seminar Series

April 22'

Dr. Abadi gave an in-person invited talk at the Chemistry Department at Michigan Tech.

Abadi's presentation

Tarbiat Modares Invited Talk

March 22'

Dr. Abadi gave a remote invited talk at Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran entitled "3D printing of conductive nanocomposites and their biomedical applications".

Roya at GRC

March 22'

Roya presented a poster and a podium talk on her research on nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for cardiac engineering at the Graduate Research Colloquium at Michigan Tech. She also received the Graduate Student Service Award. Congratulations!

Roya's poster

Dr. Abadi recieves Michigan Tech Research Excellence Fund

December 21'

Congratulations to Dr. Abadi and team for receiving Research Excellence Fund - Research Seed grant from the MTU office of Vice President for Research. This grant will support the team's efforts on 3D printing using functional nanomaterials in 2022.

Dr. Abadi gave two presentations at University of Toledo and Missouri University of Science and Technology

December 21'

Dr. Abadi presented lab's research in the Mechanical Engineering Seminar at University of Toledo and the Chemistry Colloquium at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Roya received Outstanding Teaching Award

October 21'

Congratulations to Roya for receiving the Outstanding Teaching Award in the Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics department at Michigan Tech.

Roya presented at BMES and ACS-UP

October 21'

Roya presented her research on nano-biomaterials for cardiac tissue engineering at the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) 2021 meeting in Orlando, FL and the Annual American Chemical Society (ACS) Upper Peninsula Student Research Symposium in Marquette, MI.

Masoud's paper is published and highlighted in the news

June 21'

Congratulations to Masoud for the acceptance of his paper entitled "Additive Manufacturing of Conductive and High-Strength Epoxy-Nanocaly-Carbon Nanotube Composites" in Additive Manufacturing. Read the article and the news about this article.

3Dprnted nanocomposite

Masoud successfully defends his Ph.D. proposal

June 21'

Congratulations to Masoud for passing his Ph.D. proposal defense. He is now officialy a Ph.D. candidate and a step closer to graduation!

Roya Passed the Ph.D. Qualifier Exam

April 21'

Congratulations to Roya for successfully passing her PhD qualifier exam.

MRS Spring Meeting

April 21'

Masoud and Dr. Abadi attended the virtual Materials Research Society (MRS) spring meeting. Dr. Abadi presented the lab's research on 3D printing of conductive nanocomposites and chaired a session on "3D printing and Bioprinting".

GRC 2021

April 21'

Roya and Masoud gave oral presentations at the graduate research colloquium 2021. Masoud's presentation was on Additive Manufacturing of Nanocomposites and Roya presented on Nanomaterials for Cardiac Tissue Engineering.

NSF panel

April 21'

Dr. Abadi served on a National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal review panel.

AAUW panel

March 21'

Dr. Abadi served on a proposal review panel for the American Association of University Women. This is the organization that partially supported Dr. Abadi during her postdoc at Harvard.

Bioengineering Editorial Board

March 21'

Dr. Abadi joins the Editorial Board of Bioengineering, an open-access journal published by MDPI.

Journal Editing

March 21'

Dr. Abadi guest edits the 2021 special issue "Synthesis and Biomedical Applications of Functional Polymers" in the International Journal of Polymer Science, an open-access journal published by Hindawi. It's open for submission here. The 2019 issue, which was also guest edited by Dr. Abadi, is available here.

MSE Holiday Card

December 20'

An SEM micrograph taken by Masoud from a sample prepared using the elastocapillary assembly technique by Masoud and Roya was selected for the MSE holiday card. Congratulations to Masoud and Roya! masoud card

Masoud presented at ASTM ICAM

November 20'

Masoud presented at the ASTM International Conference on Additive Manufacturing. He was also selected as a finalist for the best presentation award. Congratulations! masoud award

Masoud Receives GSG Travel Award

October 20'

Congratulations to Masoud for being awarded a Graduate Student Government Travel Grant to present at the ASTM ICAM 2020 Conference.

Masoud passed the PhD qualifier exam

August 20'

Congratulations to Masoud for successfully passing his PhD qualifier exam.

Abadi lab receives NSF award

July 20'

Dr. Abadi in cooperation with other Michigan Tech researchers receives NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) grant for Acquisition of Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT2 3D Lithography System.

Dominika's URIP Award

April 20'

Congratulations to Dominika for receiving an Undergraduate Research Internship Program (URIP) award to perform research in our lab as a DeVlieg Foundation intern in the next academic year.

Masoud presented at the TMS conference

February 20'

Masoud attended the 2020 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition and presented a poster about his work on 3D printing using conductive nanomaterials.

NSF Review Panel

January 20'

Dr. Abadi traveled to Washington D.C. to serve on an NSF review panel.

Invited Webinar

November 19'

Dr. Abadi gives an invited webinar on Nanobiotechnology at the School of Engineering and Sciences at Tecnol├│gico de Monterrey.

Masoud Receives GSG Travel Award

November 19'

Congratulations to Masoud for being awarded a Graduate Student Government Travel Grant to present at TMS 2020 Conference.

New Paper Released in Carbon

November 19'

Our paper entitled "Polyaniline-decorated hyaluronic acid-carbon nanotube hybrid microfiber as a flexible supercapacitor electrode material" is just accepted in Carbon and the pre-proof is available online here.

carbon journal

Wogrammer Interview

October 19'

Dr. Abadi's story from childhood to research in medicine was published on Wogrammer. Wogrammer is an organization that publishes stories of real women in tech to inspire girls to STEM. View Link

medium post of abadi

SES and BMES Conferences

October 19'

Dr. Abadi attended the Society of Engineering Sciences Annual Meeting (St. Louis, MO) and Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting (Philadelphia, PA). At BMES, she presented on nano-bioactuators and chaired a session on Stem Cell Microenvironment..

MRS Spring Meeting

April 19'

Amir presented a poster at Materials Research Society spring meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

Alicia Receives a 2019 URIP Award

April 19'

Congratulations to Alicia for another URIP award from Portage Health Foundation. This internship will support her third year of research in our lab during the academic year 2019-2020.

Invited Talk

March 19'

Dr. Abadi presented at Virginia Tech Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics Seminar Series.

Student Presentations

March 19'

Ph.D. student, Rasoul Bayaniahangar, and Undergraduate students, Alicia Ball and Daniel Woodall, presented posters at the Michigan Tech Graduate Research Colloquium and the Michigan Tech Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Amir Receives GSG Travel Award

February 19'

Congratulations to Amir for being awarded a Graduate Student Government Travel Grant to present at MRS spring meeting.

Amir Passes PhD Qualifying Exam

November 18'

Congratulations to Rasoul (Amir) Bayani Ahangar for successfully passing his PhD qualifying exam in the areas of microfabrication and mechanics of materials.

Michael Receives AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship

November 18'

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Hill for receiving a postdoctoral fellowship from American Heart Association (AHA). This two-year grant will support his research in our group on cardiovascular tissue engineering using nanotechnologies.

BMES Conference 2018

October 18'

Dr. Abadi presents at Biomedical Engineering Society conference in Atlanta, Ga.

Alicia and Daniel Receive 2018 URIP Awards

August 18'

Congratulations to our undergraduate researchers, Alicia Ball (third year chemical eng.) and Daniel Woodall (fourth year MEEM), for URIP awards through Portage Health Foundation and Pavlis Honors College at Michigan Tech. This internship will support their research in our lab during the academic year 2018-2019.

Paper Published in Advanced Functional Materials and Featured on the Cover

March 18'

Congratulations to Dr. Abadi and Dr. Hill for publication of their paper in Advanced Functional Materials and featured on the cover. The paper reports novel techniques for using biophysical and biomechanical cues in production of mature cardiomyocytes derived from induced pluripotent stem cells. Read the news about our article and group research in Michigan Tech News, Science Daily, Medical Xpress, News Medical, Technology Network,, Science Newsline, Medindia,, and


Invited Talks

March 18'

Dr. Abadi gave invited talks at the Michigan Tech departments of Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering.

abadi giving talk

Alicia and Josh Present at Michigan Tech Undergraduate Research Symposium

March 18'

Undergraduate students, Alicia Ball and Josh Loiselle, presented posters at the Michigan Tech Undergraduate Research Symposium.

alicia and josh presenting

Presentation for Middle School Girls in Get WISE Program

February 18'

Dr. Abadi presents STEM activities for middle school girls in Get WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) program organized by the Center for Pre-College Outreach.

abadi presenting

Alicia and Josh Receive 2017 URIP Awards

October 17'

Congratulations to our undergraduate trainees, Josh Loiselle (third year MEEM) and Alicia Ball (second year chemical eng.), for being selected as Portage Health Foundation Interns through the MTU Undergraduate Research Internship Program. This internship will support their health-related research in our lab during the academic year 2017-2018.

Grant from American Heart Association

July 17'

Dr. Abadi receives a Scientist Development Grant from the American Heart Association (AHA). For the next three years, this grant will support the group research on development of hierarchical conductive structures for application in cardiovascular medical devices.

Abadi Lab is Born

July 17'

Abadi Lab is born in the department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Tech.