About Our Lab

Abadi lab directed by Dr. Parisa Abadi is located at the 10th floor of the R. L. Smith ME-EM Building at Michigan Tech. We are affiliated with the department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics and our members come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. We are interested in problems at the interface of materials, mechanics, and medicine. Our lab explores the biomedical applications of nanomaterials and probes the role of mechanics in tissue engineering and medical devices. Visit other pages of this website to learn more about us and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


July 2017 – Abadi Lab is born

Abadi Lab is born in the department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Tech.

July 2017 – Amir Bayani joins the lab

Amir Bayani joins the lab as a Ph.D. student. He will focus on novel techniques for fabrication of conductive nano-biomaterials.

July 2017 – Abadi Lab receives AHA grant

Dr. Abadi receives a Scientist Development Grant from the American Heart Association (AHA). For the next three years, this grant will support the group research on development of hierarchical conductive structures for application in cardiovascular medical devices.

July 2017 – Dr. Michael Hill joins the lab

Michael Hill joins our lab as a postdoctoral scholar. He holds a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from SUNY at Buffalo. Here, he will focus on the science and applications of nanomaterial-cell interactions.

October 2017 – URIP Awards

Congratulations to our undergraduate trainees, Josh Loiselle (third year MEEM) and Alicia Ball (second year chemical eng.), for being selected as Portage Health Foundation Interns through the MTU Undergraduate Research Internship Program. This internship will support their health-related research in our lab during the academic year 2017-2018.